WARNING: If your occupation exposes you to particulate poisoning from unfiltered engine emissions, you are forty times more likely to suffer cancer and other chronic, painful diseases, which are incurable and disabling, and often lead to premature death.

Control diesel emissions that expose children and public workers to
toxic soot particles

Diesel Exhaust ReductionSmoke Blotter®, Inc. an engineering firm in Londonderry, New Hampshire, designs and manufactures special emission control systems. All their systems address the major health problem of diesel exhaust pollution and toxins. Each system targets specific economic, operational and efficiency problems that make it difficult to do something about the occupational hazard of diesel emission-related health problems.

Smoke Blotter® Phantom Switch™ emission control system was designed to be both economic and practical. It is the ONLY no smoke exhaust system designated suitable for All Makes and Model Engines per Executive Order California Air Resources Board (CARB), Gold standard for pollution control.

Practical solutions to prevent diesel-related diseases and reduce air pollution:

  • Regardless of health complicated issues linked to particulate inhalation, there have been very few solutions made available that are both cost-effective and efficient
  • Eliminates or Supplements Engine Idle Rules
  • Ensure protection of children, firemen, and other public workers who are exposed to diesel exhaust
  • No loss mileage or horsepower in engine, does not use engine resources to operate
  • Easy Installation and compatible all diesel engines, quickly solving the root of the problem
  • Easy maintenance and prolonged filter usage, diesel emission filtration is automatically triggered on and off
  • Shield yourself legally by providing a safe workplace, lawsuits can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nothing is so expensive as long term disability.
  • Effective on ordinary diesel fuel or high octane low sulphur diesel fuel
  • 99% Diesel Emission Reduction, EPA Level 3 Rating
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